Data Conversion Service

Aajithinfotech providing Data Entry Work Service like Date Conversion  and Image to Notepad Error Checking Service (QC Report Service). We are professionals in this field since 12 years of Experience. So you are landing in right place with best data conversion service provider. We will do Image to Notepad Converter, Image to Microsoft Word Converter and Data Entry Work Error Checking QC Report Service and file clean up service With 100% Customer satisfaction.

Data Entry Work Service

       Once you choose our Data Entry Work service in future you don’t want to search any other Data Entry Work Service Provider Because our Service mainly focusing on Quality and customer friendly and our motive is all our customers to earn good money in this field. We will do Service as Customer Requirement. Many members after taking  project then they cant finish in the time period so we can help each customer by giving service to earn money from their project taken from that company

Image to Notepad Conversion

  • Our Company Convert all type of Image file to Notepad with 95% Accuracy per page.
  • We can Handle per day 3,000/- Images to extract Notepad.
  • We do conversion for variety of font into Notepad or Ms word for Customer requirement.
  • Important of Image to Text Conversion Service is 100% Naturally hand typing.
  • Aajithinfotech can handle UAE Image, French Script MT Font HTML Tagging Work Images with best accuracy.
  • Per Page Rs.10/-

    Below 100 Pages

  • Per Page Rs.8/-

    Above 101 pages

Data Conversion Service
Data Conversion Service

Notepad Error Checking Service

  • Notepad Error Checking Software 
  • We are checking error image to text or ms word 
  • We can give 100% Error free file 
  • We will highlight conversion text and typed text
  • Our company highlight all type of error like .,+-@$()*/'”:#,=!?[]{}<>&_%√|\~•`…€¥£¢αβ^®©™π¤
  • Our client can get good payment in this field.

  • Typed Text Rs.15/-

    Below 100 Pages

  • Per Page Rs.13/-

    Above 101 pages

  • Per Page Rs.20/-

    Conversion Text